Deleting wow account

deleting wow account

Mom deleted his World Of Warcraft account . 1) Put kid on stage during metal concert 2) Delete WoW account. it's Has a Sad Story Behind of this Some ppl dont think about ohter ppl's feeling I am Broken Inside. Greetings, I'm trying to Delete both my Battlenet and Wow accounts. Can't seem to find any Information in the Account Support Section (Articles)  Deleting wow account permanently? - World of. deleting wow account

Deleting wow account - Frauenquote ist

I'll open a ticket ASAP! Log in to join the conversation. Go to your account settings: Get it banned, sell it against rules , so on, you can also write them but it'll take a while. You may get lucky to transfer the licence of the account you wanna delete to a different battle.


Wow account deleted