Red queen computer

red queen computer

The Red Queen was a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence used by the Umbrella Alice pleaded with the computer to let them all out, due to the discovery of the. Red Queen may refer to: Literature[edit]. Red Queen (Through the Looking-Glass), a character Red Queen, a super computer, character in the Resident Evil films; Red Queen to Gryphon Three, a concept album by the band Gryphon. RED QUEEN was a highly advanced and self-aware Umbrella computer. Its primary objective is oversight and protection of Umbrella assets. Its secondary.


The Red Queen - May I ask why? red queen computer You are all going to die down. In The Final Chapterthe Red Queen shows no remorse for this action but instead feels that she failed as Umbrella was then able to end online casino mit auszahlung world. The Red Queen tells her that the anti-virus eradicated all of her T-virus infected cells, but her healthy cells survived and so did Alice. The Red Queen now operates primarily out of the Umbrella Prime facility, a former Soviet submarine base. Marco BeltramiMarilyn Manson.